Ready to Transform
Your Life?

Simple • Healthy • Gluten Free

Ready to Transform
Your Life?

Simple • Healthy • Gluten Free

Are you ready to transform your life with a simple and healthy gluten free lifestyle?

Gluten Free living doesn’t have to be hard.
It can be enjoyable.

Are you newly diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or an autoimmune disease that requires a gluten free diet?

Do you have a child with celiac disease, behavioral issues, or other issues that require a gluten free diet?

Have you tried to start a gluten free diet but are not sure how to make it work?

Or maybe you have been on a gluten free diet for a while but are still having nagging symptoms.

Transforming your life on a gluten free diet does not have to be hard!

Hi! I am Naomi and I have experienced all of these, and I am here to help make your transition to gluten free living easier while ensuring you are safe and feeling your best.

My family and I have been navigating gluten free living for over twenty years. When my husband and children were diagnosed with celiac disease our kitchen and lifestyle had to go through some major changes. I knew I had to make the transition to a gluten free lifestyle easy for everyone if we were going to be successful with it.

Healing their guts was critical and the only way to achieve that was to eliminate gluten from their diets. However, I quickly realized that being healthy on a gluten free diet has to be much more intentional because you can easily get caught in the trap of processed, starchy foods with no nutritional value. I had many missteps and made many mistakes when transitioning to gluten free diet, and as a result it took longer for my family to heal.

In the last 20 years, I have learned a lot. My mission is to help save you time and money so that you have fewer days wasted not feeling your best.

Do you need help with gluten free living?

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Here’s what people are saying

“I love working with Naomi. She has so much to offer on my journey of pursuing a well balanced lifestyle. She has a passion for helping others live healthier lives. She loves sharing healthy food with others. I enjoy her positive spirit and encouragement and give her my full support and think everyone can benefit from time with her. “

Rachel W.