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I am so glad you are here to learn more about gluten free living. There are many options on the market today compared with a few years ago, but they are not all equal and may not be safe for everyone. That’s where I, as a gluten free living Health Coach come in!

I am Naomi, a nurse, health coach, creative recipe developer and gluten free product developer. I am also a wife, and mother to girls.

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Gluten Free Living Health Coach

As a Health Coach focusing on gluten free living, my passion is helping others experience the transformative power of a healthy lifestyle. My journey in healthcare began when I decided to study nursing. Attaining both RN and BSN degrees gave me the opportunities to work with adults and children for over 20 years.  More recently my desire to help others live healthy lives led me to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach.

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As a Health Coach, Gluten Free Living is My Passion

My passion for helping others live healthier lives was also fueled by my husband’s diagnoses of celiac disease and the sudden need to radically change our diet. Since that time, two of my children were also diagnosed with celiac disease. While we are thankful to the doctors who diagnosed them, we were left with very little information about the new dietary requirements, primarily gluten free living.

We had to learn as we went along with a lot of trial and error. It was not easy. I now have many years of experience keeping my family safe and healthy. Not only did I have to learn how to keep them safe and healthy, but also cook them foods they loved. That’s no easy task, especially with children. I also learned that just being gluten free wasn’t enough. I had to be intentional and creative to make the diet palatable, healthy, and safe from potential harmful ingredients in store bought products.

Being healthy is not just about the food on your plate, but also your relationships, self-care, boundaries, exercise, career balance, and ways you manage stress.

As a nurse and gluten free living Health Coach, I am here to help you make the transition to a gluten free diet simple with your overall health in mind. I know the struggles I went through with my husband and kids. And I know how hard it can be to radically change your diet and lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Whether you have gluten sensitivities, celiac disease, or other health issues requiring a gluten free diet, I have developed ways to make the transition safe, healthy, easy, and affordable. With my support, guidance, knowledge, and healthy recipes, I know you can not only transform your diet, but also your overall health and life.

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